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Use Cases

Field Service Employee


Is that familiar to you? Your service employee had a customer appointment and afterwards had to return to the office to manually add the completed tasks, order spare parts and submit hours of work that he has spent for the customer into the system. This precious time could have been spent on other projects and customers. There is a media discontinuity between his device, which he uses in the field work, and company´s internal system.

Wouldn't it be more effective if he had an application on his device that could connect to the corporate internal system and synchronize regularly? You would immediately see his working hours, used materials and the status of the order processing, and even send new tasks to the service employee, so that he does not have to go to the office at all.

Wouldn't that save many unnecessary steps and precious time?


JIRA2SAP connects your Jira and Service Desk to your service representative's mobile application, retrieves new information and sends data intended for field service. You can see when the order has been processed and start invoicing even before the employee has reported the completion to you.


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