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Use Cases

Integrated Management System


Is that familiar to you? Your process landscape uses different systems, where you have integrated a management system in order to be able to control all processes perfectly. But where can you find the documentations, internal instructions, regulations and descriptions required for the desired implementation of the processes? Usually they can be found in the file folders on internal drives. You share this data via a complicated authorization concept to make it accessible to project members, however, you also want to make certain information available only to a specific group of employees. This is complicated, requires a lot of manual effort from your IT department, and sometimes these documents are simply not to be found in the multitude of folders and drives.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a tool  where all these documents can be filtered thematically or sorted by systems, processes or user groups? And wouldn't it be a big benefit if there is a user administration, where you can assign specific roles and groups to employees that make it easy to manage the sharing of specific documents?


With Confluence you can define areas for which you can build page hierarchies and create, manage, and expose a complex system of information. Within these pages you can then store any kind of documents, assign and manage to-do's, observe pages or set favorites. You can also use workflows to automatically start follow-up steps once you have taken an action.


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