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Use Cases

Minutes of meetings


You had a productive meeting with all the important participants who took their respective to-do's with them. However, the day-to-day work makes some of to-do's forgotten and the stakeholders have to collect memories, make phone calls or cumulate the results. There are always discussions about details and the completion date, which makes life of the project manager hard and confusing.

Imagine you could store the transcripts on a platform accessible from anywhere and would not have to send any follow-up emails. You could distribute tasks and track the status directly from the transcript. Project stakeholders are in constant communication with their colleagues and monitor the processing status in real time. However:

- The transparancy level is not high

- Templates for MoM are difficult to establish

- Multiple OneNote Files are created as some users disregard the existing ones

- The tasks from MoM have no direct relation to other project tasks, which are rarely listed in Outlook as ToDo's.


With JIRA2SAP you have only one storage location and, thus, a single point of truth of all MoM's with the possibility to release it there and maintain a current status. You can create tasks and provide templates that are actually used. Finally, there is the possibility to create a direct link to all other data and objects.


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