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Use Cases

Production Planning


You get a new production order and do your production planning with Kanban in SAP. An employee is supposed to produce 11,000 screws on a machine. To do this, you must maintain production details and the "Work in Progress" status in SAP, and once the work is complete, you must return data about the work result, any scrap, the duration of the work, and the new status to SAP. At the end of the day, the employee submits his timesheet in Jira  by entering the amount of hours and description of tasks he has worked on.

Wouldn't it be more productive if SAP could automatically deliver the data to Jira, where it could create the corresponding tasks in a Kanban board, manage the status, start the work and provide the appropriate employee's working hours for further evaluations?


With JIRA2SAP you can synchronize Jira with your SAP PP and report all relevant data to the system, which handles the billing of tasks, working hours and projects. In Jira, you automatically see when a production order is completed, which additional orders are waiting for processing, and how much time it takes the employee to complete his tasks.


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