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Is that familiar to you? You have to record your working hours and send a monthly overview to the administration. For this purpose, Excel files are created, maybe even some templates are used. However, the problem arises when you have to merge all these data and give the management an evaluation of workload of your employees. Unfortunately, this can only be done with a lot of manual effort. If management wants to know how many of these hours have been spent on customers and, thus, can be described as productive hours, or how many of those hours were spent on unproductive and free of charge work for customer projects, your system is pushing its limits.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see how productive your employees were and what billable or internal tasks they worked on just with one simple button click? Or how profitable is your customer project, where you can filter by customer, employee, project, team or sprint and see not only the budgeted times but also the real hours worked? What if you could automatically print or send the monthly statement without having to fill in Excel files, so that your administration can see and reuse all the data in an overall evaluation? How would you feel about that?


JIRA2SAP allows you to transfer your projects to Jira and use the existing worklog function for your employees. You can immediately see how the expenses on the respective projects were distributed and create your own evaluations and time sheets depending on the timesheet type, period, employees and other filter and sorting criteria.


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