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Customer Portal


Is it familiar to you? Your customer has collected some change requests or system errors and sends you an e-mail with the details. The solution should be found as soon as possible because important processes are affected. You pass it on to the specialist who is supposed to take care of it. Now a dynamic discussion arises among the customer, the support and the development teams, and different asynchronous levels of problem undestanding are formed. The customer usually notices this and is horrified how badly the internal communication is on your site.

Wouldn't it be more productive if there were connected systems that notified you when the customer had a problem, and from which you could create a ticket and forward it to the development team?  So that they could work through it and book their time expenditure directly within the system. Moreover, such system enables internal communication, where the project members can read any time what was added and edited when and by whom? The support representative can track when the ticket has been processed, sees the topics and systems involved, and can use networked repositories to review the support contracts in order to check if the issue is a bug or change request, and decide if this task shoud be charged. Wouldn't such a networked collaboration be a big contribution to greater customer satisfaction?


JIRA2SAP connects your Jira to Service Desk and ensures bi-directional communication between the two systems. This ensures that all major parties in this process, i.e. customer, support and development, are informed about all process steps and that no information is lost or exists in different versions.


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