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Use Cases

Ressource Planning


You work as team leader in a company, and you have 10 employees with different skills that are currently working on various projects at the same time. Each new project wants to "reserve" the resources for itself and your try to keep track of what employee is working for which project with the help of different Excel spreadsheets. It is the end of the month and your boss kindly asks you to make an annual resource allocation forecast because they want to win new projects and, therefore, need to know who is available. All you could do is to hope that the data in the sreadsheets is correct.

This sounds like a madness, but it's a reality for a lot of executives. Imagine you have a clear overview of your resource involvement in various projects with different budgets, so that you could monitor their workload decrease, and already plan them for the new projects. And wouldn't it be good if you could give feedback on project management directly in the orders and, thus, avoid arranging meetings for matching the project status? This way of working would not only change your software landscape, but will also transform your team, as any work that does not add value can be identified and, thus, eliminated.


With Jira, you have a view/tool as a team leader that not only shows all existing jobs in your team, but also their status, remaining budgets, each employee's backlog, and even their availability. When you get new projects, you can estimate the time and material expenditure within minutes and match them with the availability of the employees in order to be able to quickly give the customer a delivery date. All data is available anytime, so you can keep a track of the project budget and make adjustments if necessary.


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