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Use Cases

Supplier Portal / Order Process


There is a constant requirement when developing your own physical products in industry: you have to send your suppliers the production documentation, which consists of a large number of documents and other files, so that, on the one hand, they can process this information and, after an offer, produce it on request. Solutions to this problem are versatile, but, unfortunately, the most common case is that the worker from the purchase triggers the order and then assigns the necessary manufacturing documents partly manually to the order. This data is then provided by email or poorly secured web portals. Communication with the suppliers will continue to be conducted by email and any adjustments to the order status or delivery data will be manually transferred to SAP by the purchaser.

Imagine triggering an order in your SAP and then automatically tapping all production documentation and making it available to the supplier on a secure order portal. They can not only download the documents there, but also have a direct conversation with the buyer via this portal. Moreover, any mails sent separately to this order are automatically inserted. The supplier can still view the delivery dates, see which orders are priority and send feedback directly about delivery date, status or even NCR's. Based on this, further processes, such as the Non Conformance Report, Supplier Qualification and Q-Data Backflow, can then be integrated and all data that is important for SAP is automatically kept up-to-date via the interface.


JIRA2SAP synchronizes your data and related documents in real-time between the system where they are created (SAP) and the system where the supplier collects them (Jira).


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