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Use Cases

Purchase Order


Your company's employees want to buy materials or other supplies. To release this order, you have defined an internal process, where each order must be approved by one or more line supervisors. Therefore, you have created an internal form in Excel or Word that the applicant employee must fill out. If he has done it digitally, he prints out this form and tries to collect the necessary physical signatures. After the people in charge have given their OK, the applicant scans the document and sends it to the purchase department, which checks the content, corrects it, if necessary, and then triggers the order.

This may be a useful process for large investments, but it can be integrated much more efficiently. Imagine that you could simply press a button on the intranet, a digital form appears, and you enter exactly the data you need as an applicant. The irrelevant questions are not visible to you at all. After that, the application automatically moves on to your line managers, who can release or reject the application with just one click. This is how it happens with the complete process chain until it lands at the purchase. The best part is that this release order does not end up on a separate board but can be integrated directly into the manager's general order list so that it does not get forgotten.

Instead of manually transferring the data in SAP, this can done with one click and the purchase order can be further processed in SAP.


With JIRA2SAP you can perform the two-way synchronization with your SAP system in order to create KPI boards in Jira without much effort, where you can see what department has submitted and received respective applications, what orders have already been processed and which are not, so that the employees and the management always have the full overview.


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