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Project Documentation / Portal


The new project is just around the corner and you are the project manager. In the last project, they tried to keep track of each of the project's documents, milestones, meetings, and tasks on a daily basis. But there was no central storage for these documents, and, as a result, different versions were constantly created and exchanged by email.

Imagine you had a project cockpit that's as simple as OneNote, but that includes all the features you need to manage the project. The complete version management of the files is taken over by the cockpit and you can share your contents directly with the project team and let them edit your records. You wouldn't have to constantly ask your project team to update your project files.

Imagine that even after few months, you can still find all the meeting notes with the help of a few keywords and see the current status of all tasks defined at that time.

None of this is a vision, but a daily routine for hundreds of project managers worldwide. Do they want to know how?


With the Confluence you can create new projects, set up complex cockpit/KPI boards, create structures for all areas of the project and store all kinds of documents, tasks, logs and notes. This gives you a single source of truth and no more duplicates of documents can be created. Additionally, you can give your project staff, whether they are internal or external, an access to Confluence. It automatically notifies them when something is being changed, added, or removed in the documents or structures of Confluence.


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